Monday, January 29, 2007

I shouldn't introduce my self as an IRANIAN without mentioning that I have lost my childhood during the 8 years war with IRAQ.
.(Iran-Iraq war 1980–1988 )Thousands of Iranian would testify that still they can remember the bitter taste of war. Weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons and military use of children where real problems of Iranian society at the time so as a child I had early cognition a bout war and its social effects

من برای يک دوره آکادميک تابستونی در دانشگاه اسلو دارم درخواست مينويسم با موضوع تحقيقات صلح حالا مشغول نوشتن مقدمه ای در باره دليل علاقه منديم به مطالعات صلح هستم واشاره ای به جنگ ايران و عراق کردم.به ياد اوردن اون دورانهم واسم سخت .واقعا روزی مياد که کابوس جنگ دست از سرمون برداره؟


Blogger نیکی said...

Hi Behdad- I like that your blog is in both persian and english. I was wondering, is instruction at norway's universities in english?

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Sara M said...

Dear Behdad,found yor page from ur orkut prfile,taking a look at it when u wrote me in my scrap book.Nice blog!
ur right the memory of WAR wil always stay with us..we can never forget our childhood nightmares.This also affects our personality and identity as well.
seems the worst enemy of human being is human being!
doesn matter Iran or any other country but will a day come when there 's no more child left with these nightmares?

4:15 PM  

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